Comeback: to Chasers for Success

What’s your Chaser to Success?

I’m in the gym this morning because I like to listen to motivational speakers and things when I get up in the morning.

One of my favorite motivational people is Eric Thomas. He often says, “If you want to be a beast, “you have to do what a beast does. So rise and grind.”

So here I am most mornings, rising and grinding.

But they made me think about my days doing fitness competitions because it’s such a polarizing thing. People feel very strongly about fitness in one direction or another. And I think because it seems like such an aesthetic and vain thing to do, and it can be.

But let me tell you, the majority of people who are getting fit are not doing it for aesthetics or vanity. They’re doing it because it’s another part of their life and their goals.

Oftentimes we have these little goals that culminate into one big accomplishment. But we don’t see those little things along the way. We don’t see how things are changing, often, until we get there. And then we get there and we think, “how did this happen?” And you look back on all these tiny little pieces that you didn’t see results for before.

Whereas with fitness, you can go X amount of time and see the changes in your legs. See the changes in your arms. To me, fitness is a chaser for my success.

I can see the changes along the way, even when I can’t see the little things that I’m doing to enhance my career, to enhance my relationships, to enhance just the greatness of what my life can be.

So, I thought a lot about the fitness angle because I think that sometimes we need a chaser for our dreams, so we have something that’s kind of the aesthetic test along the way.

So Comeback Community, I ask you, what is your chaser to success?