Tiphany Adams' Comeback Story

One thing I know to be true on your comeback journey, is life will happen whether you want it to or not. It’s the decision to take what you’re given and discover new life in you that changes the game.

Tiphany Adams succeeds in spite of the unimaginable and motivates others along the way. 

In an instant, Tiphany Adams’ life was changed forever.

She was only 17 when she was hit by a drunk driver traveling 130 miles an hour in a head on collision.

As the sole survivor, Tiphany defied the odds. She lived, but was told she would never walk again.

But Tiphany came back with a new purpose. She became an actress, a model, an athlete and motivational speaker. Her mission, teaching others how to treat people with disabilities and changing how the disabled are portrayed in the media.

She has embraced her wheelchair as a teen and is the inspiration behind the short documentary Tiphany.


Erica Cobb: Tiphany joins us live. Girlfriend, hello. Now, I’ve been watching your YouTube progress videos while in the gym and I literally feel like I’ve taken walks with you. Now, a lot of folks feel like fitness is aesthetic, but you say it’s your therapy. How has it helped you?

Tiphany Adams: Yes, fitness has definitely been very, very cathartic for me. It’s helped me on multiple levels deal with the traumatic events that have occurred in my life.

Erica Cobb: I know you’re teaching others through your experiences and I like to call that testimony teaching. What made you decide to be so vulnerable and transparent and take us all on your journey with you?

Tiphany Adams: I really asked God to allow me to utilize whatever had happened to me to help enhance the lives of others for the greatest good.

Erica Cobb: 95% of the people who play disabled roles on TV are actually actors. Only about 5% of people who are actually disabled play those roles. Does that do a disservice to how we perceive disabled people and what are we missing as an audience?

Tiphany Adams: I feel it’s definitely part of my purpose to help shine light on those that I feel have been speaking for years and haven’t necessarily been fully heard.

Erica Cobb: There’s so many things that you are. You’re not just one thing, but you pride yourself on your motivational messaging. Now, everyone can learn more about you at TiphanyAdams.com, but before you go, can you leave us with three tips on how to survive through life’s obstacles?

Tiphany Adams: Passion, perseverance, persistence and I’m gonna drop the fourth P, prayer.

Erica Cobb: Absolutely, well Tiphany, you are such an inspiration. I look forward to taking more walks with you, hopefully in real life because you are so dope, girl.

Tiphany Adams: Yes.

Erica Cobb: Thank you so much. We really appreciate you sharing your story.

Tiphany Adams: Thank you. I’m so honored to be here.

Erica Cobb: Thank you, and if you’ve got an incredible comeback story or know someone who does, let us know about it. Send us an email to info@dailyblastlive.com or message us on our Facebook page.